HOW TO SELL YOUR PRE-loved west14th


Search through our catalogue to find your original style to resell


Upload images of your style, write a description and set your price


Use our prepaid shipping labels to ship your order within 3 days once the item has been sold or confirmed to be sent directly to WEST 14TH.


Receive a WEST14TH voucher or cash once your item is sold and received by the buyer

THINGS TO KNOW WHEN Selling your Pre-LOVED style

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Sell?

Click 'I want to sell' button and then click ‘List Your WEST 14TH Style'

Choose the item you want to sell and follow the prompts. Remember to provide complete and accurate information about the item’s condition and its details. We review all resell requests, and have the right to approve or deny listings. Please allow 48 hours - 14 days for your resell request to be reviewed. Once approved, we encourage you to share your listing! The more you share, the higher your chance of selling.

What can I sell?

You can sell any item you’ve previously purchased or received from WEST 14TH - excluding SAMPLES brought from one of our physical or digital sample sales.

You can also sell any WEST 14TH style purchased or received from a third-party retailer. You may be required to provided additional proof of purchase or proof of condition of style. We also inform the buyer it was purchased at a third-party.

Once your resell request is approved, we will feature it on the Pre-Loved Buy collection page.

How do i price my item?

You are welcome to name your price, although we will recommend a price based on the item’s age and condition. Reference the pricing guide for additional help in the condition question below.

We will then add a fixed amount to the listing price to cover shipping charges.

How do I know what condition to list my garment as?


Your item has been owned for a few years and worn a few times. It's in excellent condition and looks brand new. Never been dry cleaned and has no imperfections on the leathers's surface.  Resale Pricing is 60-70% of original retail price.


Your item has been owned for a few years and gently worn a few times. Never been dry cleaned and may have one imperfection on the leathers's surface, but no other visible signs of wear. Resale Pricing is 50-60% of original retail price.


Your item has been owned and loved for many years ( up to 5 years). It feels loved but still well maintained. It has been dry cleaned up to 3 times and/or has minor visible signs of wear such as multiple imperfections on the leather surface, colour fading on the edges or small thread pulls. Resale Pricing is 40-50% of original retail price.


Your item has been owned and loved for many, many years ( 5+ years). It feels like a vintage treasure! It has been dry cleaned 4 or more times and/or has visible signs of wear such as multiple imperfections on the leather surface, colour fading on the edges, or small thread pulls. Resale Pricing is 30-40% of original retail price.

How is my product approved?

Our dedicated quality team reviews every item before it goes live. We want to make sure your buyer is happy and your item sells! We review:

- Blemishes or quirks: to make sure they are accurately described 

- The condition you selected: to make sure it accurately reflects your description

- The product: to make sure it is an authentic piece 

- Images: to make sure its photographed in a sellable and true way

When & How will I be paid?

When listing your item for sale you have a few options to select how you would to be paid.

1) PAYMENT AFTER AN ITEM IS SOLD: After your listing is approved, we use your images to sell your item on the Pre-Loved Buy Collection. Once a buyer purchases your item, you will receive an email with shipping label to package that item and ship it to the buyer. Once the buyer receives the item and confirmed its in the condition advertised, WEST14TH will issue your payout.

Option One: WEST14TH Voucher valued at 80% of the Resale Price. (only valid on

Option Two: Cash Deposit valued at 60% of the Resale Price.

2) INSTANT PAYMENT: After your listing is approved, ship your Pre-Loved WEST14TH item to our office and we take care of the rest to re-home. After the item is received and noted in a sellable condition, you are instantly paid a WEST14TH Voucher valued at 40% of the Resale Price. (only valid on

Please note if the item needs to be repaired, dry cleaned or better photographed, these charges will be passed onto the seller and will be communicated prior to issuing payment.

Can I sell if I don't live in Australia?

YES! We may require more photos or information on the item you wish to sell, and the shipping cost will need to be covered by the seller. More information will be provided by our team.

How are returns handled?

Pre-Loved Styles have a different Return policy to Full Price items sold on W14TH.COM.

Sales are final.

You can only return an item if its not in the condition advertised by the seller.

Are terms & conditions the same for Pre-Loved?

No. We have different terms and conditions when buying from our Pre-Loved By WEST14TH Marketplace.

- Sales are final.

- No Returns unless the item arrives in a different condition to advertised.

- No Refunds unless the item arrives in a different condition to advertised.

- Shipping is paid by the buyer and seller.

- No Discounts codes can be used on Pre-Loved Styles, such as Welcome or Birthday Vouchers.

Where can I use by Voucher?

If you selected a payout for a WEST14TH voucher you can use on any item found on W14TH.COM.

Including Full Price, Sale or Pre-Loved By WEST14TH.

Your voucher is like any other payment and can be applied at checkout.

You can combined with other offers only when buying a style from Full Price or Sale Collections.