Care for your leather

West 14th cares about our leathers. To ensure the longevity of your recent purchase, we recommend you follow these simple instructions.

Caring for your leather is important to the longevities of the appearance of the leather. Looking after your leather purchase is much the same as looking after your own skin. We would recommend the following 3 step process:

Step 1 Purchase a great surface protector to start

Step 2 Moisture your leather(quarterly or after it's been saturated from rain).

Step 3 Plan yearly professional cleaning(the most important point!)

To start, a great protector would have water and stain repellant capabilities. Ideally the protector should be free of silicone and wax which are ingredients that will remove the natural oils of the leather. You should apply the protector once you purchase your special leather piece and reapply every few months if you use regularly.

Leathers have natural oils that keep the appearance of the leather and protects from dirt getting into the grains.

Moisturising your leather allows the leather to rejuvenate by reinstalling the natural oils and so the leather remains supply and soft. Be aware that some leather cannot take the conditioning or moisturising product. We would recommend NOT using the conditioning lotion on suede, metallic, embossed and patent leather - only on smooth surface leathers.

The most important step is to source a Professional Dry Cleaner with a specialization in LEATHER. Be sure you do not just drop off your leather piece to a normal Dry Cleaner. If you wear your piece regularly, a once a year professional cleaning is all you need. The cleaner will look after all your needs from protection, conditioning and restoring colour.

Other Tips & Tricks

Cleaning You can easily remove dirt or marks with a semi-damp cloth and gently pat the areas to remove the dirt.

Storage Hang your jacket on a well shaped hanger to maintain its shape. Fold your leather bottoms. Store in a cooler temperature environment and keep away from direct sunlight. Do not store in a plastic bag.

Traveling Tip We recommend placing in the West 14th cloth bag to ensure no damage comes to the piece. The jacket can easily breathe through the cotton fabric.

Wet Tip if a jacket gets wet; place the leather piece laying flat on an even surface with a large towel underneath. Allow the jacket to dry in its own time completely before you re hang. Do not use a blow dryer on your leather piece or place in a dryer or heater. 

Mould Tip To prevent mould, keep item stored in a controlled air environment or invest in a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture in the air of your wardrobe.  To remove mould, use a soft bristled brush or a dry clean cloth to brush away the mould spores. Then mix a solution of mild detergent or leather saddle soap or vinegar with warm water. Use a cotton cloth or clean sponge to wipe down the mould area with the solution and a separate clean cloth to remove the soapy residue. To kill the spores, create a solution of cold water and rubbing alcohol to wipe down the area. Follow by laying the item flat to dry away from sunlight. Be sure to test a small area of the leather first to see the reaction of the leather.

Recommendation Tip We know you may still have questions on the best care products or Dry Cleaners to use. We've partnered with a Circular Wardrobe Concierge App empowering our customers to extend the life of your WEST 14TH leather heirlooms and be rewarded for your good choices. The app brings together care, repair, rent, resell, recycle and donation services in one place to trace the full impact your wardrobe has on the planet, and to assist with easy access to local service recommendations. Learn more here.

We would recommend asking your Professional Leather Dry Cleaner for their approach to maintain your specific leather piece. They can easily assess the leather and make a professional recommendation on maintenance techniques and specific products for protection and conditioning.