Rent WEST 14TH with Rntr.

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Making Fashion Circular | Rent WEST 14TH with Rntr.

We are constantly looking for innovative solutions to offer our #womenofwest14th the highest quality wardrobe staples while remaining mindful of our impact on the environment.

We have chosen to partner with Rntr. to offer a rental service for your short-term needs and for those wanting to 'test drive' our leather essentials. 

You will find the rental button option on select iconic styles, giving you the option to enjoy our beautiful leather essentials at a lower price while ensuring each piece gets a longer and well loved life.

Each time you rent, you are actively reducing the number of beautiful garments and accessories that may unnecessarily end up in landfill.

This service has been designed to give you more wardrobe options to suit your dynamic lives at an accessible price, such as renting for weekends away to cold destinations, for a special event or just give our investment items a try before making the mindful commitment to love for a lifetime!

Your wardrobe just got a whole lot lighter.


Want to know more? Head to the Rntr. FAQ page.