West 14th stands for quality well made wardrobe mainstays. Creating heirloom pieces to share with girlfriends or treasures found in re-seller stores. We love the idea of our pieces having several lives as they elevate our girlfriend’s wardrobes over time. From the very beginning, our approach to slow fashion and sustainability has been “Buy once, and Buy well!”

However, as our business and awareness developed, we became more and more mindful of our global impact, and keen to reduce, reuse, recycle where possible. To do that, we needed to look at each opportunity along our supply chain to honour our beautiful planet. After two years of research, innovation and testing, we were proud to launch our first sustainability conscious collection in 2020. We are really excited about these changes, and hope you will be too!

We have outlined the changes made to the manufacturing of our new styles in 2020 to be more responsible and the additional changes made in 2021, 2022 and now 2023. It’s a good start on a journey toward our sustainable future.

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